Real estate is our “how”, not “why.” We are in the business of doing successful real estate deals with trusted partners, and with great results. We commit ourselves to our social mission – democratizing real estate and lifting barriers, helping others gain access to our amazing opportunities as an asset class for financial stability and growth.


We are more than just a real estate investment fund. Truestone is the real estate investment arm of Gina Group, an established family owned business with decades of experience.

By investing ourselves in our offered deals and opportunities, we fully align our interests with our partner investors and lenders. By serving as a gateway for our network and business community to access exceptional opportunities together, we commit ourselves to the highest level of integrity, trust, responsibility and transparency. 

The Truestone difference

  • Suspicion and doubt Trust, integrity and responsibility.
  • Repetitive, one trick pony Each opportunity is diligently analyzed.
  • We ask you to invest in us We invite you to join us.
  • Only profit matters Social mission driven business.
  • Conflicts Full alignment of interest.
  • Other people’s money We invest our money with yours.
  • Conservative but careless Responsible, but opportunistic.