About us

True partnerships are set in stone.

Truestone Partners is your home for responsible real estate investments.

We help unleash the potential of exceptional opportunities, by developing strong partnerships with our network of investors, lenders, developers and borrowers. We take a leading role in our business community, participate as active investors, and grow together with our partners.

We lift barriers to democratize real estate investment opportunities, opening them for our investor community, with a strong sense of responsibility and commitment to secure, empower and elevate our collective success.

Our Vision & Mission

We believe

We believe that real estate investments can serve as a great asset class for financial stability, and that through collaboration we are able to invest with strength and enhance our collective performance. 

We believe that the cooperation between experienced managers,  seasoned investors, passionate developers, and responsible borrowers can open a world of great investment opportunities. 

Our vision is to democratize real estate, allowing honest and trustworthy real estate developers and borrowers to easily partner with credible, responsible professional and reliable lenders and investors, for a seamless and positive investment experience.

We are committed

Our mission is to attract, assess, select and invest in real estate opportunities, together with our trusted partners.

We are committed to serve as a trusted, professional and successfully proven home for diverse and responsible real estate partnerships.

We are committed to lift entry and participation barriers, and serve as a gateway for others in our community who are interested in benefiting from real estate investments, while maintaining peace of mind through Truestone’s experience and skillset.

Truestone started in 2016 with a purchased our very first GP property in New York. Immediately, followed by 5 additional acquisitions in Brooklyn and the Bronx.
This year marked our national expansion with our first properties in Florida, followed by a growing portfolio in the New York City metropolitan area totaling 14 buildings.
2018 marked our debut into the lending business and we issued our first loans. In parallel we also began our first ground-up development in New York.
Truestone officially expanded into the acquisition and loan businesses. This year marked also the beginning of our crowdfunding division.
We expanded our geographical reach to Pennsylvania and New Jersey and diversified into office buildings.
In 2021, we’ve had our busiest year in the history of the company with over 20 loans closed and new acquisition close to $100M.